Subaru Lift Kit, Anyone?

liftedSubaru haven’t always built high performance cars such as WRX and STI. However for the most part of the last three decades Subaru built mostly off-road ready cars. Standard all-wheel drive, generous ground clearance and excellent reliability were the strong points, rust-a-bility was the weak point. But they were off-road cars allright. We remember the good times when a 1988 Legacy wagon could go side by side with just about any SUV through dirt, mud or snow. The only thing that was missing was the ability to increase ground clearance on those Subarus. Well, nowadays a few companies came out with commercially produced lift kits(!) for Outbacks, Legacy, Forresters, Bajas, and even Imprezas :)

So if you want to take your ‘other’ Subaru out into some serious off-road situations, check out the galleries of lifted Subarus from these companies, maybe you need a lift kit!

Smith’s Outfitting Specialties

Scorpion Subaru Products


Have fun and drive safe!

3 Responses to “Subaru Lift Kit, Anyone?”

  1. Albie Smith says:

    Albie Smith co-owner of Allied Armament has now branched off into S.O.S., All aftermarket subaru accessories are now in full production under Smith’s Outfitting Specialties. Please correct the Allied Armament link to

    Thank you, Albie Smith (360)903-3801

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  3. cody westbrook says:

    ive been looking for a lift for my 86 brat and cant find anyone that makes them anymore anyone no where i can find one?