STI Wing, Aftermarket Wing, or No Spoiler?

sti-wing-spoiler-worksThe voice of the people is divided on the huge 04-07 STI wing. Some hate it, some love it, some think it looks ugly. Some say it’s only for looks, and then some say that it’s very functional. Let’s ┬ásee whether you need that wing in the back.We see a lot of STI owners remove their stock factory wing and replace it with fancy aftermarket creations. And some remove it completely or replace it with the low WRX spoiler. Is there a sane reason to remove / replace the stock STI wing?

Hate the wing: Common Reasons They’ll Give You

  • STI rear spoiler is bulky and ugly;
  • it weighs too much;
  • it is not functional and for looks only;
  • it attracts attention;
  • wings are for ricers.

Love the wing: Common Reasons They’ll Give You

  • it is functional;
  • it makes the STI look like an STI;
  • it attracts attention.

Let’s speak to the functionality of the STI wing. We hate to disappoint some people, but it actually does work. Subaru spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop that particular wing and then spent many, many hours testing and tweaking the wing in wind tunnels.

The wing is specifically designed to provide a significant amount of downforce past 70 mph road speed. The wing reduces lift and increases the high speed stability. The STI aerodynamics were further enhanced in 2006, with the addition of a roof vane spoiler, which stabilizes the air flow to the rear wing.

The WRX spoiler does not come close to the STI wing in realized downforce. So replacing the STI wing with a WRX wing may not be such a good idea if you plan on racing or just going fast once in a while.

Removing the STI wing will significantly decrease the downforce at high speeds and yes, you can notice a difference at 120 mph, even more so at 150 mph. Do you modify your car for performance or for looks? Would you rather have stability at speed?


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the STI wing with an aftermarket spoiler is an equally bad idea. Just think about it for a moment using common sense – do you really believe that some aftermarket, low-production-run manufacturer will invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to design their wing? Will they then take their ‘cool-looking’ carbon fiber

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wing, put it on the STI and spend weeks in the wind tunnel tweaking it?

No manufacturer will go through that expense and you are getting a non-functional, poor excuse for a wing that only looks ‘fast’. Prodrive did do some serious R&D for their WRC wings, further improving the STI wing. The real WRC wings are even more functional than a stock STI wing, and cost a whole lot more than a ‘cool’ aftermarket wing. We wonder why that is?

We see a lot of ‘cool’ aftermarket wings put on STIs and other cars. The coolest thing about them is that at speed, the droplets of water stay on most of those wings, meaning there is no air flow anywhere near the aftermarket wing. In fact, most aftermarket wings will hurt your car’s performance and high speed stability – they don’t work as they should.

Even if you don’t like the looks of the factory wing on your 2004-2007 Subaru STI, it is probably a good idea to keep it there, it is an excellent performance part that does a wonderful job at keeping your car stable at high speeds.

Below is a gallery of actual wind tunnel testing of the STI wing and roof vane spoiler. Testing was done at around 70 mph. As you can see the airflow is perfect and the stock wing is very functional. Don’t remove or replace it, use common sense :)

9 Responses to “STI Wing, Aftermarket Wing, or No Spoiler?”

  1. Christian says:

    Is this called if I a spoiler STI V6 on a GC8 mounts I have a better driving behaviour? Mine has a small spoiler and wants to mount the STI V6. Does it bring what or not?

    Sorry for my english!!!

  2. Aden says:

    i got a sti v4, with out any spoiler, im looking for a sti v6 rear wing, i think thery look cool as, gota show dat its an sti, everyone take them off, and day all look da same, i think day make the car look more aggresive and sporty.

  3. Jenny says:

    I have a 07 Sti and replaced the entire boot as i did not like the attention the spoiler gets and also like the look wthout i now have a badgeless STI just need to sell the original boot and spoiler!! to recop some of the money i spent on the new one. lol.

  4. […] Re: my 2005 WRX STi – new pics pg 4 Originally Posted by Odi i remember seeing this on a subbie forum before, sti's losing mpg's after peeps removed teh spoiler. They were actually gaining 1-2 MPG's by going with the WRX spoiler or even no spoiler. It's because the spoiler is actually functional. Some more info on it if anyone is interested: Is Subaru WRX STI Wing Worth Keeping? Or Is That Spoiler Useless? | R U Subaru? – Tuning Forced Indu… […]

  5. Spoilerhater says:

    It still looks stupid.
    I like the car but I’m embarrassed to be seen with that big ridiculous spoiler.
    Most of the aftermarket ones look just as dumb, though.

  6. SSgt Hudgins says:

    If you actually want the numbers, STi wing provides 60lbs of downforce at 100mph and the STi wrc spoiler provides 600lbs of downforce…. Not just for looks..

  7. Steve Watts says:

    How can a Porsche 911 Turbo, a Z06 Corvette, and other high performance sports cars that would leave the WRX STI in the rear view mirror design a spoiler that look great, but Subaru that looks like it belongs on a toy car. I don’t care what anyone says. They could have developed a functional spoiler that was not so pronounced. It is about money. Maybe they should have spent millions of dollars. The damn thing is so ugly I would not even consider riding in the car besides owning it. For the money you will pay on a new 2015 load WRX STI, you can get a new BMW M235i. Are you going to tell me that Subaru WRX STI can keep up on a straight line or track. No! I have called BMW and have mine on order. Also, you can get a Mercedes CLA45 AMG, that has a 2.0 liter turbo that produces 344 horse power and run a 4.4 0-60 for $48,000 that has 4Matic, aka AWD. The new WRX STI loaded price points are too close to German Cars that it cannot touch. I haven’t even mention the new Audi S3 with AWD. I can run 0-60 in 4.8, tear up the track, and you look like someone who has a brain instead of a 16 year old kid. My son like the new WRX STI, he is 14 years old. Enough said.

  8. Rick says:

    Steve Watts. A lot of anger there for 2 year old article.

    Let’s look at your rant for a second.

    Porsche, Z06 Corvette and high performance sports cars. These cars a designed to be aerodynamic from the start. They are pure sports cars first and foremost. The Subaru STI is first and foremost a 4 door sedan. This requires some creativity to get aerodynamics which is why a wing is required.

    Your BMW M235i, Ang yourCLA45k and Audi S3 comparisons reference base models. Base models that include almost nothing. The BMW doesn’t even provide a limited slip differential wihtout paying extra. Each of these cars fully equipped will reach far into the $60,000 – $70,000 range.

    With the 2014 STI you get a lot of bang for the buck. $43,000 will probably be the highest you can go with options. People such as myself, a 31 year old professional with 2 kids, would consider spending more for the luxury sports sedans. But spending an extra $20,000 for very comparable performance isn’t something everyone is willing to do.

    Finally to address the 16 year old styling of a Subaru Sti. When I was 16 I fell in loved with Rally Racing. Now many years later I still love it. I enjoy the styling of large wings and many foglights. especially when paired with AWD and bright blue paint. Frankly, I could give less a shit what your tastes are in vehicles..when I see douchebags in Audi’s, beamers and corvettes do I think…Wow that is a very mature man..he must be well off and extremely tasteful? No..i don’t look twice..cause there are millions of them on the road. There is no personality..nothing special ..i could care less. I’m happily married and well established in my career…I don’t need my car to establish my place in the social order. I just need it to be fast and fun.

    I almost purchased a CLA45 but then I remembered all of the fun I have had over the years in my Stis. Driving them like I stole them, modding them myself, just enjoying the shit of them each time I got inside. No matter the weather, no matter who’s judging or what the repair costs might be if I damage her. The STi has always been a bang for your buck “drivers car”.. ask your 16 if you want his decisions based on what other people think..cause my 16 year loves Subaru because they are different.

  9. Dave says:

    Wow, Rick you said it perfectly. I have an 05 STi that I bought new and I’m 43 years old now. The car still has the wing on it. I’ve been a german car fan my whole life (Porsche 911 mostly), but you nailed it with your reply to Steve Watts. That said, I am searching for an early 997 turbo 911, but I’m keeping the STi since I can’t bear to part with it. I’m justifying hanging onto REX by claiming it will be my winter car :-) WAY too much fun to let go. Have a good one.