Why You Don’t Need a Front-Mount Intercooler on a WRX/STI

fmicDo you really need that hulking Front-Mount Intercooler (FMIC) on your WRX/STI? It looks kind of cool, but does it really live up to expectations or are FMICs just for looks? Do they hurt the performance? Can you have a big turbo and not need a front-mount intercooler? Is Top-Mount Intercooler sufficient for cooling your intake air charge? Will it heat-soak on a hot day? Let’s discuss and then you decide. Read the rest of this entry »

Water and Water Injection

water1Water is not a fuel. It cannot burn. When injecting water into your engine, there is no breakdown of water into oxygen and hydrogen during combustion.

Water is used in water injection systems and is mixed with alcohol in alcohol injection systems to slow down the flame front and Read the rest of this entry »

goQuality STI Engine Damage and Build Photos

Photos of goQuality STI engine failure

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– damage to piston ringlands and ring, and also photos of the engine build and turbo upgrade.

Subaru Lift Kit, Anyone?

liftedSubaru haven’t always built high performance cars such as WRX and STI. However for the most part of the last three decades Subaru built mostly off-road ready cars. Standard all-wheel drive, generous ground clearance and excellent reliability were the strong points, rust-a-bility was the weak point. Read the rest of this entry »

STI and WRX JDM 04-05 Taillight Mod

This is a very simple and easy modification you can do in 5-10 minutes.

The only tool you’ll need is a flathead screwdriver (and this may not even be necessary if you have fingernails)

To access the taillights, you need to remove clips from your trunk.

There is one clip on the driver side:

WRX STI JDM Taillight Mod 04-05 Clip Removal

There are two clips on the passenger side:
jdm sti taillight mod 04-05

Take out the three harnesses.
Take the one that was closest to you and move it to the furthest one.
Move the middle one closest to you.
Remove the harness from the furthest, and move it to the middle.
Remove the middle bulb
Replace the clips

I found the following picture of the taillight:
Jdm sti taillight mod 04-05

Before & After Pics:

Before (no brake):
JDM STi taillight mod 04-05

Before (brake):
JDM STi Taillight mod 04-05

After (no brake):
JDM STi taillight mod 04-05

After (brake):JDM STi taillight mod 04-05

And ENJOY!!!

How Much Power Can Stock Subaru Drivetrain Take?

ssMost people who begin to modify their WRX/STI begin with bolt-on modifications, and safe, Staged tunes. And everyone wonders at some point – just how much more power can stock Subaru drivetrain take while maintaining stock longevity and reliability? Read the rest of this entry »

Equal length vs. Unequal length headers

subaru-sti-equal-vs-unequal-header-manifoldWhile this information is not specific to Subarus, we will explain the difference between equal length and unequal length exhaust manifolds using the Subaru example.

When modifying WRX/STIs, it is important to plan for the type of the aftermarket Subaru exhaust manifold (header) your will be getting. Unequal length header will allow you to keep the Subaru Boxer rumble sound, yet unequal length header is a poor choice Read the rest of this entry »

Mod Path – Proper Steps To Take

A lot of WRX and STI owners decide to modify their cars and do not know how to properly go about it. Old-school, N/A wisdom dictates that intake and exhaust upgrades should be done first. Not the case with modern, ECU-driven forced induction cars.

Anecdotal evidence shows that once you upgrade to a large, free-flowing aftermarket intake on an otherwise stock STI, you get about 7-9 miles per gallon fuel mileage. Why? Read the rest of this entry »

EGTs 101/501

egtEGT stands for Exhaust Gas Temperature. It is important to measure your EGTs when tuning and to keep them from being too high both while cruising and at heavy load.

Why measure EGTs?
Exhaust gas temperature is a measure of heat in the cylinder during combustion, and is most commonly measured close to the head. Since all metals Read the rest of this entry »

Tire Selection

eagle_f1_gsd3When it comes to replacing your worn stock tires, or if you are putting on a set of new wheels on your Subaru WRX / STI, you should do some good research before you purchase summer tires. Things to keep in mind when researching tires are: Read the rest of this entry »